Local Severe Alert for Austria

Extreme low temperature
Statement valid until 2019-01-20 22:59:00 GMT

Description: Potential disruption due to extreme low temperatures from 12AM CET SUN until 11:59PM CET SUN

Cities affected: Mladhof, Austria;Moar in Gaschbach, Austria;Moarleiten, Austria;Mobersdorf, Austria;Modriach, Austria;Moggau, Austria;Molintergraben, Austria;Mollitsch, Austria;Monichkirchen, Austria;Moos, Austria;Moosbach, Austria;Moosheim, Austria;Mooslandl, Austria;Mortendorf, Austria;Mosern, Austria;Motschlach, Austria;Muggenthal, Austria;Muhlbreiten, Austria;Muhlreith, Austria;Murzhofen, Austria;Murzsteg, Austria;Neuberg an der Murz, Austria;Neudau, Austria;Niederoblarn, Austria;Nussdorfl, Austria;Oberbergla, Austria;Oberfahrenbach, Austria;Oberfresen, Austria;Oberhall, Austria;Pichlwang, Austria;Postlehen, Austria;Predlitz, Austria

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